"What I am saying then is just because you don’t know how you manage to be conscious, how you manage to grow and shape your body, doesn’t mean that you’re not doing it. Equally, if you don’t know how the universe shines the stars, constellates the constellations, or galactifies the galaxies – you don’t know but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t doing it just the same way as you are breathing without knowing how you breathe." - Alan Watts

Interstellar Dreams

45 seconds till lift off, building pressure in all cabins. Full internal power at 8.9 seconds. Our target is 238,900 miles away and once we reach it, the possibilities are endless. Interstellar dreams, the desire to reach the moon and stars. Radio communication seems choppy but Voyager 004 is ready for lift off. 

I’ve always dreamed of a world tour, but this time I’m shooting for the stars.

Location: 30.2743, -103.8828⁣

Mystery Lights

⁣Emergency beacon has been found. No signs of life, Just an abandoned outpost. As the team scouts out the location to find clues on what triggered the beacon, we see lights in the mountains. They seem like headlights from the distance .. but they keep moving up and down the mountain in a strange sequence. ⁣

⁣Maybe we should go see what’s going on? It could be associated with the beacon.

Location: 38.512746, -78.437736


While chasing a comet, a storm wanted to join in.